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BASE X is a Platform of networks Led by People of Colour to empower Communities of Colour

BASE is a collaboration of Global Majority Networks, Social Enterprises and community organisations led by 'People of Colour' to become a strategic 'racially minoritised' communities empowerment and engagement tool.

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BASE aims to empower and support local Global Majority 'BAME' Social enterprises to have a positive social impact in the local communities that they live and work in.

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BASE aims to empower local communities of colour; culturally, socially, economically, digitally, physically and environmentally by highlighting and tackling the root cause of 'Systemic Racism'


We are tackling inequity in society through enabling social entrepreneurs to boost the social economy led by diverse and marginalised communities.

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'Reams of EDI Policies and refined rhetoric are rife now, but true action is what needs to be measured'.
Restorative justice must be given where fault is found in the VCSE and Public Sector Infrastructure.
Collaborating at Work

One of our aims is to tackle inequity via various programmes including campaigning for ‘systemic change’

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Mission and Objectives

  • To create a true, representative platform for Networks of BAME organisations with lived experience of oppression to work together to create systemic change for the better.
  • To develop and maintain a platform led by people of colour for communities of colour to nurture the BAME networks that join it.
  • To empower and support local BAME Social enterprises to have a positive social impact in the local communities that they live and work in.
  • To develop into a ‘One Stop Shop’ for BAME Social Enterprise support and advice as well as become a BAME social investor.
  • To engage and inform local BAME communities about social investment and the value of becoming social enterprises.
  • To become a strategic engagement tool for all the public, private and voluntary sectors to engage grass roots BAME communities for various purposes; Health, Social Investment, Civic Life, Youth Employment and others.
  • To capacity build and advise local BAME VSOs to become more efficient and sustainable in order to have a better social impact.
  • To empower local communities of colour: Culturally, socially, economically, mentally, physically and environmentally.
  • To campaign for social justice and equality and contribute to the Govt ‘Levelling Up’ agenda and tackling inequity via various programmes including ‘systemic change’.
  • We aim to expose systemic racism and exploitation of BAME groups/communities with a view to not retaliate, but to create a pathway for restorative justice, learning about bad practices and how to future proof against those practices.
BASE Purpose/Aims
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BASE X helps our communities to come together to celebrate and share our rich cultures!

Our Latest News

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Our Structure; 
Elected Board of Directors  who are representatives of Global Majority 'BAME' Networks and Community Organisations 

What People Say About BASE X

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I just love how BASE X is creating a culturally familiar 'Grapevine' 

environment without any apologetic behaviour for Global Majority networks with 'an each one teach one' philosophy..



A truly inspiring unique project. Creating the necessary environment to tackle systemic inequity through constructive fearless dialogue and true representation of BAME communities.

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In my humble opinion, BASE has become a movement of the people and a motivator for the unification of communities of colour to work more collaboratively instead of competitively.

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Well, for me, it was the feeling of being a part of a larger family. Having an entity that is there to support my organisation with funding information, governance and connectivity through its large grapevine..

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As a director of a large Black organisation myself, I totally admire and respect the fact that BASE X is 'belief led' and not 'funding led'. I feel, this is one of the reasons that BASE X in a way, is uncontrollable by the authorities in what they say and do. In particular, their unique, open style of challenging Systemic Racism without fearing any repercussions!


BASE X is making new partnerships and collaborations regularly

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