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We are striving to bridge the digital divide by providing digital inclusion services to communities of colour

BASE-X Ltd is a Community Hub that is dedicated to creating digital inclusion for communities of colour through innovative technological solutions. Our focus is on using technology to foster impactful social and economic change in disadvantaged communities.

digital inclusion for communities of colour

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Why does it matter so much?

Well, 'information is power' :  Our communities can be better equipped to engage with services much quicker..


The older generations within our communities would feel less isolated and be able to connect with family members living away from home on mediums such as zoom and teams.  They would be able to discover the internet and have hours of fun learning about the wider world and be able to pursue their interests on there; whether they be fishing, cars, gardening, keeping fit or socialising.

Below is a commitment statement by GMCA Greater Manchester Combined Authority

(Excerpt taken from the GM Digital Inclusion Strategy).

Empowering people and communities

We want to ensure that everyone in Greater Manchester, whatever their age, location or situation, can safely access and benefit from the opportunities digital brings if they want to.

We will: 

  • Ensure everyone is able to digitally participate with confidence and make informed choices about how their personal information is used. 

  • Help people stay safe online and tackle online abuse. 

  • Ensure everyone has the skills to access good quality digital jobs. 

  • Empower people to live healthier, more environmentally sustainable lifestyles through better use of technology and data. 

  • Grow our digital ecosystems and ensure they continue to inform public policy. 

  • Open more of our data for others to use and create great services. 

  • Continue to invest in the security and privacy of systems that hold public data so that people have confidence in what’s happening to their information. 

Let’s Work Together


Sherelle Fairweather is the:

Digital Inclusion Lead for Manchester City Council.

Tel: 123-456-7890

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